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"When SignFIELD balloon goes up,
so do our sales."

SignFIELD Inflatable Advertising Inc. has been in business for over 20 years being an industry leader in the cold air inflatable advertising industry. SignFIELD Inflatables are at the forefront of the Canadian inflatable sales, rental, and service industry. We service all of Canada and have worked with several corporations including McDonald’s, Petro-Canada, Tim Hortons, and the Dollarama. With the largest rental inventory in Canada, we are also equipped to provide products and advertising worldwide! Get eye-catching high quality inflatables, signs, flags, search lights, giant balloons, sky dancers, and much more!


With our manufacturing facility located in Milton, Ontario, SignFIELD can quickly build any type of inflatable sign customized to your unique marketing needs.


SignFIELD Inflatable Advertising provides a variety of rentals including but not limited to cold air inflatables, portable roof top flags, search lights, 20 X 20 tents, cloud busters, pennants, beacons and more.


SignFIELD Inflatable Advertising also provides a repair service to our clients that own their inflatables.  This repair service is available across Canada and includes:

  • Repairs
  • Cleanups
  • Installs & Removals
  • Replacement of Inflatable Units
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