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Spotlight Rentals

SignFIELD searchlights (spotlights) are a fantastic advertising venue for auto dealerships, grand openings, store openings and events, nightclubs, music events, tradeshows, conferences, Halloween, dance clubs, haunted houses, theatres, promotions, race tracks, product launches, restaurants, sports complexes, concerts, movie premieres, awards ceremonies, and more!

High quality spotlights can work wonders to draw attention to your location as rays shoot up in the sky, alerting the community that something’s happening in the neighborhood! The ultimate tool for attracting customers and making passersby aware of you, spotlights are visible up to two miles away from you location making it an extremely effective way to alert a small town or city of an event. They offer an outstanding return-on-investment in comparison with print, radio, and TV ads. With the right message, the use of spotlights will garner your location the attention it rightfully deserves.


inflatable balloon sale

Sky Cannons

Cannon searchlights are designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality USA standards. Each searchlight unit is enclosed in durable, weather-proof stainless steel housings, assembled with aircraft grade nylon inset locking nuts, for thousands of hours of maintenance free operation.

Sky Cannons are complete operating units, incorporating a lamp head with motion assembly, power supply, cooling fans and an easy-to-operate control panel. You can set up your unit immediately. Our advanced nickel plated rhodium reflective optical lens, and Xenon lamp-house, offers the brightest concentration of power to form a stronger, more dazzling light beam that keeps energy usage to a minimum.

Single headed or multi-headed lighting systems provide a circular motion beams, created by using Xenon lamps that will capture the attention for miles around. Sky Cannon searchlights are made with the most powerful technology available. Xenon lamps are available from 1000 watts up to 7000 watts configurations and are able to meet the challenge of any promotional event requirements.

Sky Cannon searchlights are small and lightweight, which means they are easy to move from one location to the next. Sky Cannon searchlights come in a full range of sizes and power to best fit you needs. All Sky Cannon searchlights have passed strict testing to meet USA standards and full comply with federal aviation administration requirements.



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SignFIELD Inflatable Advertising Inc. has been in business for over 30 years in the cold air inflatable advertising industry. We specialize in outdoor advertising & promotion of your business. We design, manufacture, sell and rent all types of inflatable signs and advertising. SignFIELD also offer flags, banners, spotlight rentals and other promotional advertising.

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Highlight your business event, grand opening, or sale with eye-catching inflatable advertising and spotlights – watch your traffic increase immediately! As one of our customers so eloquently put it, “When a SignFIELD balloon goes up, so do our sales.”

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